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About Us

About Us

About Xiangnan Hi-tech

Shenzhen Xiangnan Hi-tech Purification Equipment Co., Ltd. was established on July 27, 2007 . As one of the leading professional companies that is the integrity of R&D, manufacturing and sales. The company has more than 400㎡ of luxury office area and more than 6,000㎡ of production area, dozens of professional production equipments.

At present the company has several products series that are: 80°C Pre-filters, Medium & HEPA filters, High-temp. resistant 250°C & 350°C, Gaseous Pollutant Chemical Filters, Gaseous Pollutant Chemical Filter Materials. The purification equipment products are including: Clean Workbench & Laminar Flow for Level 100, FFU(Fan Filter Unit), Air Showers, Pass Boxes and Biosafety Cabinets.


Company Strength

Many of products have passed the certificates of CE, RoHS, SGS, Fire Rating etc and the company has also passed ISO9001 Quality Management Certification and 14001 Environmental Management Certification every year. The company is strictly implementing ISO16890 & ISO10121 standards of the International Standard for Air Filter. The current main client groups are from Biological Gene Technology, Laboratory, Microelectronics Circuit, Food & Beverage, Hospitals, Pharmaceutical Factories, Waste Incineration Plants, Sewage Treatment Plants, Municipal Engineering projects, Computer Rooms, Large Ships etc many other different fields.

The company currently has the R&D engineers team of purified products, chemical filter & Materials R&D engineers team, product structure design engineers and electrical engineers and it has more than 20 product patents, all the customized products that are successfully completed by R&D team, which is recognized and trusted by the domestic and overseas clients, so our R&D team has been received good comments by clients in the purifying field and it has 38 skilled employees, 10 sales representatives, 4 professional staff for after-sales service that can fully meet the needs of all kinds of customers.

Enterprise Philosophy

The business philosophy of company is law abiding, integrity management and achieving the win-win cooperation among clients, employees, supply chains and the company.