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FAF Products

  • FAF Clean Workbench ISO 5

    FAF Clean Workbench ISO 5

    .ISO 5 standard, efficiency: 99.97%;

    .Low noise, 52-56 dB;

    .With disinfection and sterilization function;

    .Stainless steel housing, corrosion resistant;

    .EBM motor from Germany, lower energy consumption.

  • Class 100 Vertical Air Flow Clean Bench

    Class 100 Vertical Air Flow Clean Bench

      • Open loop air circulation is as follows, the main feature is that in each cycle all the air is collected from the outside through clean bench box and returned to the atmosphere directly. The general horizontal flow super-clean working table adopts the opening loop, this kind of clean bench structure is simple, cost is low, but the fan and filter load are heavily, it has a bad effect on using life, at the same time the cleaning efficiency of fully open air circulation is not high, usually only for low cleanliness requirements or biological hazards environment.