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Shenzhen Xiangnan High-Tech Purification Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 and has more than 18 years of experience in developing and manufacturing sustainable clean air solutions. The company also has a team of professional engineers who specialize in researching, designing, and constructing clean room equipment and HVAC projects.


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    History & Advantages

    Founded: 2002(Shenzhen, China)
    Factory area: >5000㎡
    Qualifications: SGS, CE, ISO 16890
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    To be a socially responsible enterprise, benefit human products, purify the air and continuously improve the living environment.
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    Business Areas

    Gmp pharmaceutical, hospital medical, photoelectric display, chip manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, chemical industry, food hygiene, farm farming, biotechnology, precision machinery, aerospace.
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    Cooperative Partner

    Huawei, foxconn, csot, volkswagen, johnson & johnson pharmaceutical, russian aerospace group.


  • Air Purifier
  • Gaseous Pollution Chemical Filtration
  • Medical Grade Clean Filtration
  • Purification Equipment
  • Salt Spray Removal Filter


  • Aseptic Filling

    Aseptic filling uses filters that comply with cleaning agents, temperatures and standards in order to protect both products and people.

  • Super Clean Operating Room

    Ultra-clean operating rooms decrease the risk of infection, and the ventilation system plays an important role in ensuring patient safety during surgery.

  • Data Center

    Air filters are used in data centers to capture any particles that can become airborne in the process of recirculation and redistribution of cooled air.

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