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2 V Bank Air Filter

Short Description:

● A V-Bank air filter is a high-efficiency air filter designed to remove contaminants from the air.

● A V-Bank air filter consists of a series of V-shaped filter media assembled in a rigid filter frame.

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2 V Bank Air Filter

Product Description of  the 2 V Bank Air Filter
MERV 14 V-bank air filters capture 90% to 95% of particles between 3 and 10 microns in size (such as dusting aids and cement dust), 85% to 90% of particles between 1 and 3 microns in size (lead dust, humidifier dust, coal dust, and nebulizer droplets) and 50% to 75% of particles between 0.30 and 1 micron in size (most smoke, sneeze nuclei, insecticide dust, copier toner, and face powder). They capture contaminants more efficiently than MERV 13 V-bank air filters.

Parameter of the 2 V Bank Air Filter

Performance Rating MERV 14
Nominal Filter Size 12x24x12
Filter Efficiency – Air Filters 95%
Media Material Fiberglass
Frame or Header Material Plastic
Air Filter Header Type Single Header
Number of Vs 2
Gasket Location Downstream Face or Customized
Gasket Material Foam
Media Color White
Media Area 45 sq ft
Removes Particles Down To 0.3 to 1.0 micron
Standards UL 900
Air Flow @ 300 fpm 600 cfm
Air Flow @ 500 fpm 1,000 cfm
Air Flow @ 625 fpm 1,250 cfm
Air Flow @ 750 fpm 1,500 cfm
Initial Resistance @ 500 fpm 0.44 in wc
Recommended Final Resistance 1.5 in wc
Max. Temp. 160 °F
Nominal Height 12 in
Nominal Width 24 in
Nominal Depth 12 in
Actual Filter Size 11-3/8 in x 23-3/8 in x 11-1/2 in
Actual Height 11-3/8 in
Actual Width 23-3/8 in
Actual Depth 11-1/2 in

V Bank Air Filter

FAQ of the V-Bank air filter

Q: What are the applications of V-Bank air filters?
A: V-Bank air filters are commonly used in commercial and industrial HVAC systems, as well as in cleanrooms and other critical environments where airborne contaminants must be kept to a minimum.

Q: How often should V-Bank air filters be replaced?
A: The frequency of V-Bank air filter replacement depends on factors such as the level of airborne contaminants, the system airflow rate, and the filter efficiency. Most manufacturers recommend replacing V-Bank air filters every 6 to 12 months.

Q: What is the difference between V-Bank air filters and other types of air filters?
A: V-Bank air filters offer a number of advantages over other types of air filters, including higher efficiency, longer service life, and lower pressure drop. They are also typically easier to install and replace.

Q: Can V-Bank air filters be cleaned and reused?
A: V-Bank air filters are not intended to be cleaned and reused. Attempting to do so can result in damage to the filter media or compromise the filter’s efficiency. It is recommended to always replace them with new filters.

Q: Are V-Bank air filters environmentally friendly?
A: V-Bank air filters are designed to be energy-efficient, which helps to reduce the amount of energy needed to heat or cool a building. Many manufacturers also use recycled materials in their filter construction, which can help reduce the environmental impact of filter manufacture and disposal.


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