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FAF Products

  • Replaceable HEPA Box Filter for Cleanrooms

    Replaceable HEPA Box Filter for Cleanrooms

     Disposable and replaceable type are available for users to choose from
     Closed design is adopted to prevent internal gaps and side leakage, so as to meet the strict requirements of clean room for air quality

    The diameter of the air inlet pipe is 250mm and 300mm or customized, and the height of the pipe is 50mm or customized. It can be directly connected to the air pipe, and there is a metal protective net in the air inlet pipe to protect the filter material of the high-efficiency filter;

    The replaceable HEPA Box is made of lightweight aluminum frame. The air outlet surface is equipped with high-quality galvanized sheet, which is beautiful and light, which helps to reduce the handling and installation time;

     PEF or insulation cotton is used for insulation on the surface, with good insulation performance.

    The integrated air supply outlet can select high-efficiency filters with different efficiency according to the requirements of customers

     Each high-efficiency integrated air supply outlet has been tested one by one before leaving the factory to ensure the performance index of the high-efficiency air filter, and various high-efficiency air filters with non-standard specifications and filtration requirements can be made according to user requirements.

  • Bottom Replacement Terminal HEPA Filter Module

    Bottom Replacement Terminal HEPA Filter Module

    ● Lightweight, compact ducted filter module for clean processes or medical suites.